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Friday, May 17, 2019

Stacy J. Shymansky, founder and CEO of Medicine Women Consulting has recently toured Australia and New Zealand to offer her expertise and advice to the Cannabis referendum movements in both countries.

During her stay, Stacy met with leading members of Parliament, as well as top medical professionals and prominent political activists, all gearing up to the June 2020 Referendum Election on the Legality of Cannabis and its use as a Medicine.

In New Zealand, Stacy visited seven municipalities in four days, granting her knowledge, experience and compassion for Cannabis reform to government officials, medical facilities, as well as non-profit organizations.

Stacy J. Shymansky has over 25 years experience in the Medical Cannabis field and is a Certified Medical Cannabis Expert, MCE with Patients out of Time - National Cannabis Educational Organization.

Stacy is a Consultant and Supporting Member of the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine (AACM), and is an Affiliate Member of the International Cannabis Research Society (ICRS).

Stacy is also Community Liaison for American for Safe Access, (ASA) - a national patients rights organization based in Washington, DC.

In the United Sates, Medicine Women Consulting has been educating the public about Cannabinoid Therapy for the last 18 years, conducting a series of unique educational seminars that focus on latest developments in Cannabinoid Medicine and its applications in regards to Cancer, Neurological Diseases and Chronic Conditions.

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